Dropbox Adds Team Feature For Collaboration

Dropbox has made collaboration on its cloud storage service easier with the introduction of a feature that allows groups to share files through a centralised folder. Here's more on the new addition.

The team folder feature is available for Dropbox Basic and Pro users. You can form a team, set up a folder and each member will automatically get access to files that are placed in there. There is no need to grant permission every time. You can also add new team members later down the track with ease.

Here's what the team feature looks like in a browser:

Group members can keep their personal and work Dropbox accounts by toggling between the two when needed.

Dropbox is progressively rolling out the team feature to Basic and Pro users over the next week.

[Via Dropbox Blog]


    I don't understand - isn't this just the same as a normal shared folder, where exactly the same thing happens...?

    What they really need to do is give you a shared folder feature that does not count so heavily against your quota - I worked with a small organisation that used Dropbox for shared files which straight away used up all my quota with files I didn't need or use, but were shared with me.

      Toggling between personal and work accounts is a pretty handy addition.

        I think that's the key difference that wasn't clear in the post... Seems like this might solve the precise problem I was concerned about!

        Last edited 22/09/15 12:18 pm

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