Dealhacker: Fly To Japan (And Back) With Jetstar For $249

Dealhacker: Fly To Japan (And Back) With Jetstar For $249

Jetstar is currently running insanely good deals on airfares to Japan. Prices start at just $249 — with free return flights to the same Australian airport. (That’s worth it for the frequent flyer points alone.) Read on to see all the available flights.

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The airfare prices in this promotion are already pretty fantastic — but when you throw in free return flights, it becomes a bit ridiculous. If you’re flying from Sydney, you can head to Osaka or Tokyo for as little as $442. Flying to the same destinations from Cairns airport will set you back just $249. You can also go via Brisbane, the Gold Coat, Melbourne (Tullamarine), Newcastle and Adelaide.

The free return flight is only available from the same arrival and departure ports — so if you’re planning to explore multiple destinations in Japan, make it a round trip. Available travel periods range between 14 October 2015 (arrival) and 22 June 2016 (return).

The offer ends 23 September or until sold out, so get in quick!

Check out the table below for a full breakdown of prices and dates:

When booking a flight, make sure you select “Return” in your search, then look for a flight back labelled “$0”. To book your holiday, head to Jetstar’s special offers page.

[Jetstar Special Offers — Japan Return For Free]


    • You may find they are sold out. Shortly after I booked some flights to Tokyo in March, the listing disappeared so they are going quick.

      While Jetstar may not be my first pick for long-haul, we did a similar trip to this 4 years ago and the price certainly makes up for it.

      • I found that as long as it’s a 787, even economy gives you some decent leg room (at least with Jetstar’s seat configuration)

    • Yeah I’ve been checking as the ones between Feb and March still dont say sold out but theres no $0 returns to be seen within the period… so I dunno I suppose they are all gone but not updated on the Sale page.

    • Kyle Reese: What day is it? The date!

      Cop in Alley: 12th… May… Thursday…

      Kyle Reese: [viciously] WHAT YEAR?

      (All fixed now.)

    • No. Australians who enter Japan as tourists may stay for up to 90 days as long as they hold an Australian passport which remains valid during their stay and do not receive any income while in Japan.

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