Dealhacker: Clothing Retailer UNIQLO Offering Free Delivery (With Coupon)

In the mood for a change of wardrobe? Well, I can't help you with getting a new closet or set of drawers, but there is a coupon code you can use over at UNIQLO that'll lend a hand with the actual clothing side of things.

Spotted by user "Chickenleg" over at OzBargain, here's the code you'll need to enter at checkout:


This will knock postage off the final value, leaving you with the cost of the clothes alone. Note that the delivery fee appears to be fixed regardless of your location, so the coupon will save you $8.

Not that much of a discount, but better than nothing! Now treat yourself to a new pair of jeans, or one of those fancy windcheaters everyone keeps going on about.

UNIQLO [Official site, via OzBargain]


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