Cortana On Windows 10 Officially Comes To Australia

Cortana On Windows 10 Officially Comes To Australia
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Good news folks. Microsoft has made Cortana for Windows 10 available to Australian users. Previously, the digital personal assistant was only accessible in seven countries. The list has now grown to 10 with the addition of Japan, Australia and Canada.

Cortana is accessible to those signed onto the Windows Insider program, which is free to join. We had written about how to get Cortana in Australia when it wasn’t actually available but now you can skip the hassle with this official launch.

Cortana in action

It is available as an optional download for Japan, Australia and Canada users. You can join the Windows Insider Program here.

[Via Microsoft Windows Blog]


  • Hey Cortana… turn off forced updates, cease all telemetry, disable automatic driver updates, stop automatic app updates, and add some colour to the anaemic window title bars. :p

  • Make sure all your region settings are AU, and download the speech pack which downloads Cortana settings. Then click the search bar, go to options, and enable Cortana there.

    Updating my insider machine now (haven’t turned it on since RTM). Any major differences between AU Cortana and US Cortana? Missing features? Presuming it now default searches bing AU results instead of US results?

  • As it’s the insider program, does this mean Cortana is Beta in Australia?
    What happens if it stuffs up data?

  • ok so joined insider program, downloaded AU language pack, tried to set all variations of region settings to AU and still nothing. WTF am I doing wrong?

  • On two different PCs, “Cortana isn’t supported in the region and language you’ve selected.”
    Region is Australia, Languages are English (Australia) and English (United States).

  • The information is bogus. There is no English (Australian) speech pack for download.
    If you force it to acquire a speech pack, it grabs English (UK) instead.

  • Here is the information the author neglected to post.

    “If you are a Windows Insider and running Windows 10 Build 10532, this latest desktop preview build was released last week, then you have met part of the criteria for having access to Cortana in some new locations.”

  • Hey Cortana, reset your accent keep it and go to microsoft and slap them with three tonnes of fish for calling you cortana then giving the voice of the crocodile hunter mixed with some female outback farmer. . . and learn from this, just because you speak another language you don’t have to change your voice entirely. It’s strange when the voices you test sound nothing like the voice that speaks to you. Hi! i’m bob with shawns voice -___-

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