Buying A Classic Car Is Almost Never A Good Investment

Buying a Classic Car Is Almost Never a Good Investment

Classic cars are beautiful, fun, and super cool. They're also really bad investments unless you're way into the hobby aspect of it.

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If you're like me and daydream about cruising the streets in some classic American muscle, it might be time to crush that dream. According to Kyle Stock at Bloomberg Business, there's rarely any money to gain in the vintage car game. On the open market, classic car prices have been static for almost eight years; with most prices dipping if there's any movement at all. Not to mention the fact that actually driving a vintage car can be a major hassle. They use more gas, don't handle as well, cost more to repair, and have significantly less safety features.

That being said, if you're a serious collector or hobbyist, do what makes you happy. Still, Stock recommends at least sticking to German and Italian brands if you want to try and retain any value. You can read more about classic car economics at the link below.

Stop Kidding Yourself. A Classic Car Is (Almost) Never a Good Investment [Bloomberg Business]


    to be honest, if you are buying are car for the sake of investing, you shouldnt be spending money. period.
    i have an appreciation for cars, old, new and weird. and would love to own a lot of different cars, but i cant afford it because they are a hole, that will suckle your money, your time, your freewill, your firstborn and your nextdoor neighbours patience.

    Static for 8 years?
    If you can buy a classic car, run it for 8 years and then sell it again for the original cost, then that makes it a much better investment that a regular car.

      If you can buy any car, run it for 8 years, and sell it with the same km and no wear and tear, you're doing pretty well!

    Oh, pricey vanity investments have been static for 8 years? I wonder what happened globally, financial crisis or something?

    I entirely agree - this is precisely why you will only see old men owning classic cars - it's because they have the money, and a valet, to ensure that their cars are well and properly maintained! I mean, can you imagine how much work you need to do to ensure that the parts are all in order? And when you need replacements, what if the model is entirely out of production and you can't find a good enough substitute! It's a veritable headache!

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