Build A Smart Plant Pot That Alerts You When It Needs Help

Build a Smart Plant Pot that Alerts You When It Needs Help

For some of us, plants are hard to keep alive and while there are all sorts of tech tricks to keeping plants alive, most of them are rather gaudy. Over on Instructables, Akin Yildiz shares a way to make a smart plant pot that alerts you when it needs water, or it's too cold or hot.

You don't need much to make this, just a small Wi-Fi microcontroller alongside a battery pack and a variety of cheap sensors. From there, you pretty much just stuff everything into a pot, set up some code, and call it a day.

It's a bit of overengineering, but if you have just a couple plants you really don't want to kill, it could save the day.

DIY Smart Plant pot [Instructables]


    I can't believe it is that easy whereby all you need to do is get your own electronic sensors and program them.

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