Briefly: Skin Hacks, Terrible Tony Hawk, Tesla Model X

Image: Instagram / Gigi Hadid

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: how to cheat your way to fresh and luminous skin, see Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 in action (it's awful).

  • When the first user video of a newly released game is a two-minute montage of glitches captured within the first hour of gameplay, something’s not right. This is the fate that has befallen the latest Tony Hawk game. Kotaku has the evidence.
  • Want to protect your forehead from premature ageing? POPSUGAR has come up with a fool-proof way to amp up the glow during Spring: by faking it.
  • The Tesla Model X is a larger version of the same technological underpinnings of the Model S, but adds rear ‘falcon-wing’ doors and some serious cargo space — transporting seven adults and their luggage in comfort. You can watch Tesla founder Elon Musk introduce it here.
  • Voucher Cloud has knocked 15% off fashion at Missguided. Get the discount code here. For more online bargains, head to our Hump Day Deals page.


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