Briefly: Model Summer Hacks, Moto X Style Review, 50% Off TorGuard VPNs

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Get 50% off TorGuard VPN and proxy services, summer beauty tips from up-and-coming Aussie models, why the Motorola Moto X Style is the best Android phone yet.

  • It's official: Gizmodo and the Moto X Style are getting married. Well, not really, but our sister-site sure does love Motorola's handset to an unhealthy degree. According to their in-depth review, it delivers a perfect Android experience that even the Google Nexus can't top. Click here for the review.
  • Summer is still a fair way off, but that hasn't stopped POPSUGAR Health & Fitness from posting summer beauty tips. Click here for expert tips from three of the biggest up-and-coming Aussie models — Natalie Roser, Elouise Morris and Elyse Knowles (pictured above.)
  • Spooked by Dallas Buyer's Club heavies? ToGuard is currently offering 50% off all VPN and proxy services. Click here for more information.
  • So, a meteor exploded over Bangkok yesterday. Gizmodo has the report.
  • Kotaku has assembled a playlist of the best JRPG soundtracks for your listening pleasure. Niche but lovely.


    I thought "Model Summer Hacks" was going to be another photo leak from celebrities with weak email security.

    Would anyone here actually recommend TorGuard as a reliable VPN service?

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