AVG Updates Privacy Policy So It Can Collect And Sell Your Browser History Data

Security vendor, AVG, has updated the privacy policy of its free antivirus software offering which will allow the company to monetise users' "non-personal" data, including their browser history. If you're an AVG software user, there is a way to opt out of this new arrangement.

Nothing in life is free, and in AVG's case, you'll be paying with your information if you choose to use the vendor's free antivirus software after October 15. Under AVG's updated privacy policy:

We collect non-personal data to make money from our free offerings so we can keep them free, including:

  • Advertising ID associated with your device;
  • Browsing and search history, including meta data;
  • Internet service provider or mobile network you use to connect to our products; and
  • Information regarding other applications you may have on your device and how they are used.

AVG is doing this to keep the product free for its users. But for those who are uncomfortable with this new policy, the company has stated it will offer users a way to opt of of the use or collection of their data. AVG will be providing instructions on their website on October 15, once the new policy goes live, on how you can opt out.

[Via AVG website]


    How much money do companies make out of selling all your data?

    Oh man. Another product I won't be using anymore. It's getting ridiculous.

    there is a way to opt out of this new arrangement AKA uninstall

    AVG has become the uTorrent of AV's. I haven't used it in a very long time and don't know why people like it so much? saw it on a lot of clients computers looks bloated and pretty? I've been using Avira for years and ClamWin on my server

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