Apple's 16GB iPhone 6s Belongs In The Bin

When the iPhone 6S goes on sale, the cheapest model will come with a paltry 16 gigabytes. So should you buy it? Hell no. In fact. Apple shouldn't even sell it.

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The 16GB version of any phone is evil. It's a trap. Gizmodo makes the case for why you shouldn't buy a 16GB iPhone:

At one point, 16 GB was a reasonable amount of phone storage. It was the mid-tier option compared to 8 GB models. Most top-shelf Android phones have done away with the folly of 16 GB. Other phones let you expand your device’s memory with a microSD card, boosting storage whenever you want.   But when you buy an iPhone you’re stuck with the internal memory. And the requirements to use iPhones like a normal person keep going up.

It's a very good case that we should all listen to. When you factor in potential OS updates, 4K video recording and essential apps, you'll essentially be forced to pay Apple for cloud storage. In other words, the upfront money you save will be wiped out — and then some — over the lifespan of your phone.

For an extra $200 or so, you can get the next level up, which is a massive 62GB. Forking out the extra dough will make your life much easier in the long run. Don't fall for Apple's trap.


    FYI, your link to the 16GB iPhone story doesn't work.

      My bad, the Australian version of that story hasn't gone live yet. I've changed to the US version for now.

        @Chris - might be worth updating the second-last paragraph to: [...] recording and essential** apps, you’ll essentially [...]

        As for the article though - totally agree, it's a joke by Apple. But, consumers should still be researching what they're buying.

        I've stuck with Android purely because I can add MicroSD storage - my HTC One M9 currently has a 128GB card (good special) on top of the 32GB internal. Even the RAW format photos aren't making a real dint!

          There are a bunch of lightning adapters that let you add storage to the iPhones as well.

    "For an extra $200 or so, you can get the next level up"

    Not everyone is made of money.

    I agree they should not sell a 16GB model considering how cheap it would be to add more flash memory to these devices, but it doesn't justify an extra $200 past down to the consumers.

      $200 worth of mobile data won't get you very far, though.

      "Not everyone is made of money."

      But you're spending ~$1100 on a phone, be that directly, or in a contracted plan... surely it's worth the extra $5-10 a month to get a 'more usable' device.

        If the phone is already $1100 then it should just come with 64gb minimum, i just can't comprehend the people that will spend the extra $200 outright or the $5-10 a month for the exact same phone just with more memory.

        We as the consumers are getting ripped off!!

        Note : I own a 16GB Moto X which I paid around $400 outright and not once have I had space issues, if you utilise apps such as dropbox with camera upload, there is no need to store 60gb+ of data in your pocket at all times.

          If you're looking a the 16 GB iPhone 6s and the extra money for 64 GB is too much of a push, maybe consider going for the 64 GB iPhone 6—it's retailing for the same price.

      if you arent 'made of money' ditch the fruity junk and get a chinese phone with more kick and more versatility for a third the cash, Xaiomi, Lenovo, Umi, Doogee, HTC, there are a HEAP of great units to choose from under half the price of an iphone/galaxy 6. Its not like the Iphone isnt made in the same own even.

    We all got 16GB iPhones for work. I have installed no apps - it just gets used for corporate e-mail and phone calls. The battery lasts 4-5 days - really. Anyway, my point is, the 16GB is what corporate bean counters will buy.

    The customer should make that call. For many people, 16GB is more than enough. And $200 extra is a bit too much.

    And the Apple cloud is not the only option, you have Dropbox and others.

      There are also third party memory add-ons, like this:

      Last edited 10/09/15 11:31 am

    "Don’t fall for Apple’s trap."

    Pretty sure ponying up the extra $200 is EXACTLY Apple's intended trap

      Wise are you, young Jedi..

      This is a well known sales trick called 'lowballing', and many of you will recognise it when buying airfares, cars, etc.
      Set a low price, and then add incremental charges - because you've already committed to buying the phone, subconsciously you will justify the additional $200 as 'just $200', instead of the $900 (or whatever) price tag it really is.

      It appears the OP is as gullible as Apple hoped.

    It's a phone.

    No it doesn't belong in the bin. It belongs as a cheaper model with limited storage.

    "This thing doesn't suit my needs so it shouldn't exist for anybody" - what a stupid way to think.

    I have a 16GB iPhone and have no problems with storage.

    I'm dealing with an older 16gb model (after previously having iphones with more memory). Having such a paltry amount of memory is actually counterproductive to Apple's aim of locking everyone in. The more memory, the more apps you will have and the more apps you have the less likely you'll be to go elsewhere. I would have removed more than half my apps since migrating to this phone and in a number of cases have deferred to website equivalents that I can run on any browser.

    No brainer, especially given that apps are now becoming bloatware...

    Last edited 10/09/15 1:02 pm

      iOS9 uses noticably less memory though, so once you upgrade you might find 16GB a bit more roomy. I agree though, less memory probably equates to less app purchases.

    It's a trap!

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