Apple Releases iOS 9.1 Beta To Developers

Apple has quietly seeded the latest version of its newest mobile operating system iOS 9.1 to developers, which is still in beta. This has been launched alongside a pre-release edition of iOS 9's final build.

Some users have already experienced a number of iOS 9's pre-release features, such as an upgraded Siri, improvements to existing apps and smarter search, through a public beta program. It is due to be officially launched on September 16 (US time).

While there is little information available on iOS 9.1, which will be the first significant upgrade for iOS 9, it is expected that the newest version of the mobile operating system will include optimisation for larger display since it will be shipped with the iPad Pro, which has just been announced.

According to 9 To 5 Mac, iOS 9 is expected to feature optimised versions of Split-Screen apps and Picture-in-Picture video playback to improve multitasking on iPads.

Apple Developer Program or Apple Developer Enterprise Program members can access the pre-releases of iOS 9.1 beta and iOS 9's final build over at [a href="">Apple's website.

[Via [a href="">Apple Developer]


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