Windows 10 Uses Your Bandwidth To Distribute Updates, Disable It Here

Windows 10 Uses Your Bandwidth To Distribute Updates, Disable It Here

Every time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, its servers get slammed. To help alleviate this burden, Windows 10 can download updates from other users’ computers. The problem is, it can use up your bandwidth and data caps to do so. Here’s how to turn it off.

This new distribution method works a lot like torrents do. Everyone has Windows 10 on their machine, so each person seeds a little bit of the files to those who need it, distributing the load across multiple computers and helping everyone download updates quickly. This is a great feature for those who have no data cap and want fast updates. The problem is, many ISPs have some form of data cap. This can potentially use up your allotment of data without you even realising it’s happened. To turn it off, follow these steps:

  1. Search for “Check for updates” in the Start menu.
  2. Under “Windows Update” choose “Advanced options.”
  3. Under “Choose how updates are installed” click “Choose how updates are delivered.”
  4. Disable the toggle under “Updated from more than one place.”

This will prevent your computer from being used as a peer-to-peer server in distributing updates. Of course, the downside is that it also prevents you from receiving updates from other users, so you’re stuck with the possibly slower Microsoft servers. Whenever the next update rolls around, it may be worth turning this back on. Just watch your data usage when you do.

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  • For people living in a house with multiple computers, it may be worth leaving the feature on but only for computers on your local network, this could actually reduce data usage a bit.

    I know i turn off the internet component on everything i update, something like that should be opt in

  • Wow so many settings I need to change on Windows 10. This kind of thing seems so wrong to me.

  • It seems a lot of the default settings are very US-centric, where (I assume) more people have fast, unlimited internet connections.

    Windows should be smart enough to know that in Australia a lot of people have a monthly data limit (that includes uploads) and disable these settings by default. Or at least ask when it is installed.

  • If you keep your PC up to date, updates for an entire month normally don’t exceed 1GB of data…If you’re stuggling/making an excuse for a gig or a few a month, maybe re-evaluate your internet usage…

  • …then spare a thought for those of us who’s only broadband access is via mobile.

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