Which Programming Language Do You Prefer?

Which Programming Language Do You Prefer?

Code hosting website, GitHub, has published a graph which shows just how popular different programming languages are on the site since its launch in 2008. The results revealed some interesting trends and how different languages have picked up momentum in recent years.

Image from GitHub

The graph ranks the languages used in public and private repositories on GitHub and shows that Java has gained the most traction. It was ranked the 7th most popular language on the website in 2008 but has now shot to second place. Not surprising given how Java is often used to build open source software. In fact, open source is probably one of the reasons the ranks for each programming language have shifted a lot in the last few years.

GitHub notes another contributing factor for Java’s popularity could be the growth of the Android OS and the increasing demand for version control platforms at businesses and enterprises.

We want to know what programming language do you work with the most and why. Let us know in the comments.


  • Right now I’m using Go and rather enjoying it. The folder structure shits me, and various parts of the language annoy the hell out of me (“GODDAMN STRUCTS. I JUST WANT TO ASSIGN “A” TO THIS FIELD. WHY CAN’T I DO THAT?!?”) but I also love the package manager. You just run “go get github.com/Grayda/go-aurora” and then import that into your project, and you’re done. Like node.js’s “npm”, but less cluttered, as everything is stored in your src directory.

    That aside, I’m partial to VB.NET for creating apps with a GUI and HTML / CSS for web-based stuff.

  • I use Ruby all day at work and do Ruby/Python at home. I love the simplicity of scripting languages for knocking up quick programs.

    Being web dev I have to touch Javascript as well but I’m not very fond of the language.

  • Anyone who says they prefer JavaScript is either a liar or is saying it relative to something that’s even worse, like Flash.

  • For all the young morons spouting rubbish about Java, It may not be trendy, it may not be new, it may not be the “best language”, but it runs VAST amounts of government, finance, industry and commercial systems around the world.

    I wish all these script kiddies would stop confusing Java Applets with Java the language.

    People who slag off things they don’t understand “need to die”

    • Last time someone spouted that reason the counter was something like:

      “Saying java is great because it works on all devices is like saying anal sex is great because it works on all genders.”

      • Nothing to do with “working on all devices”, its down to a some ill-informed people assuming that Java Applets are the same as Java in general. This is most often “spouted” by people who work in web development.

        Java in a commercial, enterprise scale, platform language which a huge percentage of the worlds critical systems are written in. NodeJS, Ruby, etc are great engines and languages but to slag off Java in general simply shows a lack of knowledge of the language, its use in the industry and maturity as a developer.

  • Another potential reason for Java getting popular besides the rise of Android OS apps is that more organisations are bringing SOA onboard. Java is perfect for SOA (web services et al).

    People dissing Javascript have clearly not done any serious front-end development before. Modern javascript libraries like jQuery, Prototype and Backbone make it so simple even my unborn daughter can do it.

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