Use Strawberry Tops To Create Fruity Spa Water Instead Of Tossing Them

Use Strawberry Tops to Create Fruity Spa Water Instead of Tossing Them

Amassing a fragrant graveyard of strawberry stems is an inevitable part of eating strawberries. You can cut or hull as carefully as you like, but there's almost always going to be a bit of strawberry flesh hanging on to the green. Don't toss those tops in the rubbish.

You could nibble around each stem to ensure that not one bit of the sweet fruit goes to waste, or you could chuck 'em all into a big jar of water and let them infuse their way to summery spa water goodness. There's virtually no reason not to do this. (Unless you don't like infused water, which would be strange.)

They have already been rinsed, so there is no extra prep work required and therefore only an hour separating you and delicious strawberry-scented refreshment.

How to Use Your Strawberry Tops [Food52]


    What's spa water?

    Its the cloudy lumpy murky water left at the bottom of the spa.
    Sounds more interesting and delicious than spring water ( which is made from springs ) and boring old tap water from goodness knows where.

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