Tinder For Business Is Becoming A Reality

Tinder For Business Is Becoming A Reality
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Tinder is about go from dating app to business networking tool. Swipe right if you like this idea.

Tinder has teamed up with US business magazine Forbes to launch a social networking app tailored for a very specific demographic, according to a report by TechCrunch. The app will only be available to the 2000 young and powerful business leaders who have made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and will display the profiles of these exclusive users along with additional information such as what industry they work in and background details.

The Forbes-Tinder app is gender neutral; so long as both people swipe right on each other’s profiles, they’ll be able to chat online. There’s even a directory of members and feed to post social media stories, much like LinkedIn.

It’s a fun concept for business networking which can be excruciatingly painful for some people. The days where extroverted business leaders mingle at events, sipping on drinks, making small talk and exchanging business cards seems to be behind us. Now it’s just a swipe to the right and you could be making friends with the owner of an interesting start-up who you may form a partnership with.

While this is a small-scale networking app with very limited users, it acts as a little self-contained experiment for Tinder to understand more about business networking as a whole which may lead to a fully-fledged offering in this space. Tinder may become the next LinkedIn somewhere in the future.

There is value to this kind of easily accessible business networking platform, especially for members of the younger generations who prefer a more informal way of meeting new people and forming mutually beneficial relationships for work purposes. It also sounds kind of fun.

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?


    • Did you even read the article? It is business leaders contacting business leaders. They aren’t trying to “screw customers”.
      This allows like minded entrepreneurs to connect to each other and talk shop, without having to worry about having people trying to sell them ideas or getting the hottest get rich quick scheme. I think it’s brilliant.

  • They’re banking a fair bit of effort and what is a limited pool of potential users. I get that limits are good, and having a demographic helps in prioritisation. But building a service for 2000 (potential – as it’s not a given they’ll all buy into it) seems a little… eh?

    • 2000 isn’t really limited. Given that it is effectively the best and brightest of the Forbes lists – they stand to do well in the future. Having that kind of specificity to your target market is admirable.
      Technically it all already exists (Tinder) it’s just given a different face, and remarketed. The infrastructure is already in place. If this goes well, it builds the Forbes and Tinder brands, and becomes “Free” publicity. Not to mention the part Chris touched on – this could be an experiment for information that leads to a business networking offering.
      I’d pay to be on that app! 😛

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