Throw Away Your Portable Power Tool Cases To Save Room In Your Workshop


It may seem blasphemous to suggest such a thing, but unless you are a contractor on the go, your tools probably don’t leave the confines of your workshop very often. If you need them for a project around the house you can simply carry them there, and they don’t need extra protection during this 15 second trip.

Instead, store your power tools in cabinets and drawers, which will make them easily accessible and allow you to throw away the tool cases. Keep all the instructions, warranty information and accessories, though. You can throw them in a ziplock bag and label the bag with the name of the tool.

Throw away your portable tool cases [Marty Backe (YouTube)]


  • Yeah, no. Recently scored a 3-drawer metal filing cabinet from work, it’s perfect for storing all my hand power tools – in their cases. If they weren’t in their cases, they’d just rattle around in the drawers every time I opened them. Also, the cases protect the tools from dust and moisture. I can understand the suggestion of making wall brackets to store your tools out of the way, but throwing out the cases and tossing them in a drawer doesn’t seem like a better option. I can see from the video that he created inserts etc in the drawers, but why bother when the original cases keep the tools nice and snug in the drawers anyway. Cheap second hand metal filing cabinets aren’t hard to track down and there pretty much the perfect size to do this.

  • I prefer to get cases. Most of my cordless Bosch tools come in storage boxes called L-Boxx (made by Sortimo) and they’re awesome. They stack and click together so you can carry multiple boxes at once. They come with an insert so you can store the tool, batteries and accessories (blades) neatly and securely in the case.

    If my tools don’t come with a case I buy the right size L-Boxx and laser cut foam inserts to keep things tidy.

    I also tend to transport my tools for odd jobs for friends and family so having a case comes in handy.

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