This Chart Shows The Surprising Things You Can Take On An Aeroplane

The rules about what you can and cannot take on an aeroplane are confusing. Not only are there a lot of weirdly arbitrary rules, but the exceptions are so inconsistent it makes it hard to just apply common sense. Here, however, you can find a list of at least some items that you can take on a plane.

This graphic from travel site Cheap Flights, shows a non-comprehensive (but practical) list of items that you can take on a plane. Some of them may even seem contradictory to established rules. For example, while fluid bottles larger than 100mL are usually prohibited, mothers can bring larger bottles of breastmilk. The chart also covers items that are allowed in checked luggage, which includes alcohol and even firearms.

Things you might not know you can take on an aeroplane [Cheap Flights via Design Taxi]

This Chart Shows the Surprising Things You Can Take on an Aeroplane


    Note that this is a US TSA guideline.

    I've had small scissors (in a toiletry bag) and a wrapped screwdriver confiscated on Australian airlines in the last year. It's hard to get anything sharper than a toothbrush through on-board inspection in Singapore.

      I once came THAT CLOSE to having a set of screwdriver bits (no actual screwdriver) confiscated at the airport. My mother had wrapped them as a gift for my brother; they forced me to open it up, but apparently decided it's difficult to threaten meaningfully with a screwdriver bit.

        I'd mount a screwdriver bit my toothpaste tube and then all resistance would crumble before me.

        But honestly, you can take friggin' knitting needles on flights ... not to mention that my last four flights saw me issued with metal cutlery at every meal.

    I really want to see someone try to carry on all of this stuff..

    The list is quite different here, so delete any notes you've taken and check with your airline.

    What is a quart anyway?

    Strangest thing I've seen on a flight is a chainsaw shoved into the overhead compartment.

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