The Travellers Guide To Driving Etiquette Tells You How To Drive When Travelling


When you travel to another country or even to another state, it’s best to know the rules of the road, lest you get ticketed or even arrested. The Travellers Guide to Driving Etiquette offers helpful advice to help you get around.

I learned, for example, that apparently Canadian drivers “run red lights with alarming regularity” (is this true, Canadians?) and that attempting to get out of a ticket by bribing a police officer is a serious crime in Canada. Also, in Thailand some roads change their one-way direction at certain times of the day.

The site’s tips, videos, and info come from travel bloggers and other sources. You probably should still do your own research, but this is a start. Currently, 17 countries are represented on the site.

The Travellers Guide to Driving Etiquette [Accident Advice Helpline via Not Now Mum’s Busy]


  • Canadian drivers run red lights with alarming regularity

    Partly true – it’s legal (at least in Alberta) to give way and turn right on a red signal.

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