The Black And Gold Butcher Block Workspace

The Black And Gold Butcher Block Workspace

Many of the most striking workspaces are centered around a custom-made, unique desk — like the one above which utilises a huge butcher’s block as a desk.

The desk above belongs to Ryan Ray, who recently renovated his Texas home with his wife Cary (who got her own unique workspace out of the renovation). The contrast between the black base and the giant piece of butcher-block wood is striking, and the gold drawer handles and framed photos add to this workspace’s overall elegant look.

That stool, admittedly, doesn’t look that comfy, but at least there’s a lot of desk surface area for spreading out. Take a tour of this well-decorated home at Design*Sponge.

New Construction with Curated Charm in Texas [Design*Sponge]


  • That’s not a “butcher’s block”, it’s just a fairly standard laminated wooden kitchen worktop. Butcher’s blocks are typically far thicker (10cm or more) and the blocks are oriented with the wood grain vertical. The thickness gives years of use and the vertical orientation helps make sure that any knife/cleaver cuts don’t hack out big slivers of wood.
    Source: family’s butcher business and the ex-butcher’s block my dad made into a coffee table for me. It’s only about 100cm by 60cm, but it takes two people to lift it.

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