The 10 Most Expensive Countries For Tourists To Visit

The 10 Most Expensive Countries For Tourists To Visit

Holidays are expensive, and some destinations can be pricier than others. Here are the most expensive countries around the world for tourists, according to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015.

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They looked at 141 different countries and compared a number of factors related to tourism: hotel prices, airport charges, ticket taxes, fuel prices and so on.

Based on their findings, they then ranked the 10 most expensive countries. Below is their list, including how much the average international visitor spends during each trip. Obviously, the average spending amounts aren’t in order, but keep in mind, their methodology goes beyond spending and includes the actual cost of travel-related services in each country. You can read more about their full study here.

The most expensive countries to visit, according to the World Economic Forum:

1. Switzerland. Average spending: $US1,882

2. United Kingdom. Average spending: $US1,316

3. France. Average spending: $US669

4. Australia. Average spending: $US4,897

5. Norway. Average spending: $US1,199

6. Israel. Average spending: $US1,912

7. Denmark. Average spending: $US811

8. Sweden. Average spending: $US987

9. Italy. Average spending: $US920

10. Austria. Average spending: $US810

You can check out more detail about the study at the link below.

Which countries are the most expensive for tourists? [World Economic Forum via Business Insider]


    • I think it means ranking of spending on events and stuff ignoring travel expenses, but then tacks on travel expenses in final tally. Either way how does anyone travel internationally on 2 grand even before travel? Do these people only go for 3 days then brag about going somewhere new without going long enough to experience and enjoy a different culture. It’s like people bragging about going to Bali like it’s expensive. Cost me more to stay at a hotel in my home town than going to Bali at a fancy place for a week vs here for a weekend.

  • What a stupid ranking. Of course tourists spend more in Australia. It’s further away and they likely stay longer and have a seriously good time.

  • As an Australian I’ve found Japan and Iceland to be far more expensive than all the countries in this list (bar Israel, where I’ve never been). Scandinavia in general is very expensive.

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