Termtile Moves OS X Terminal Windows Around With Simple Commands

Termtile Moves OS X Terminal Windows Around with Simple Commands

Mac: If you're working in Terminal it means you're working with your keyboard and not a mouse. Termtile is a program that allows you to move around your Terminal windows without ever laying a hand on your mouse or trackpad.

Once Termtile is installed, you can just type in a command to move a Terminal window just about anywhere. Here's a list of accepted commands:

  • ll - fill left half of the screen
  • rr - fill right half
  • up - fill upper half
  • down - fill lower half
  • ul - fill upper-left quarter
  • ur - fill upper-right quarter
  • dl - fill lower-left quarter
  • dr - fill lower-right quarter
  • big - make the window bigger
  • cen - center the window

It's a pretty handy little utility if you're in Terminal a lot. As you'd expect, you can also customise that pretty much any way you want as well.

Termtile (Free) [GitHub via One Thing Well]


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