PSA: Start Menu Replacement Apps Still Work In Windows 10 

PSA: Start Menu Replacement Apps Still Work In Windows 10 
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Microsoft has brought back and revamped the Start menu for Windows 10. If you still prefer, say, the Windows 7 classic Start menu, good news. Start menu replacement apps we used to tweak Windows 8 also work in Windows 10.

The screenshot above from How-To Geek is the modified Windows 7-style Start menu, thanks to the Classic Shell program, which is highly customisable and free. Besides customising the Start menu to one that you might be more familiar with, one neat feature in the Classic Shell menu is that there’s a quick link to the new Windows 10 Start Menu. So if you ever need to access something that’s on the other menu, you can do so in an instant, before the menu changes back to your preferred menu.

Check out the post on How-To Geek for more information on installing and configuring Classic Shell on Windows 10.

Bring the Windows 7 Start Menu to Windows 10 with Classic Shell [How-To Geek]


  • This public service announcement should be about not using these start menu altering applications.

    I’ve found errors on several computers I’ve fixed in the operating system after running the command “sfc /scannow” including work and family computers who use these start menu altering applications.

    The symptoms extend from the computer being sluggish to crashing and becoming completely unusable. I’ve had to backup and then completely wipe the operating systems of the computers I’ve fixed in order to get them functioning efficiently again.

    So PSA.. don’t use these applications. It will ruin your PC.

  • @mattamatt: I hardly believe that a start-menu replacement application is corrupting the OS. Occam’s razor says it is probably your family members visiting the wrong website… And besides, the main reason to install an alternative in the first place is because the Win10 start menu is *itself* sluggish and crashing. Seriously, I have an i5-2500, GTX 970 with 16 GB of RAM and the start menu takes 5-6 seconds to show up on Win10. That is not acceptable!

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