Pocket Now Recommends Articles For You Based On The Ones You’ve Saved

Pocket Now Recommends Articles For You Based On The Ones You’ve Saved

Pocket is one of our favourite services for saving articles to read later. Today, the service has introduced a Recommended section with content customised to your saving and reading habits.

The recommended articles live in a new list beside your reading list. They’re based on the millions of articles and videos other Pocket users save, as well as the types and sources of content you save to Pocket. You can save any recommended article to your reading list by clicking the save button or hide ones you don’t want to see.

This looks like a great way to discover new content. Right now, 20 articles are recommended for me on Pocket, and the view can’t be switched to list view, but I can see this changing in the future.

According to the company, recommended content is continually updated throughout the day and major updates to Pocket 6.0 will be done through the end of the year every 5 to 6 weeks.

You can read more about the new feature in the blog post below or just check out Pocket 6.0 on the web, for Android and for iOS.

Introducing Recommendations: The Most Interesting Articles and Videos You Might Have Missed [Pocket]


  • I note that we appear to be pluralising with an apostrophe in the article title. Come on, LH; the little mistakes like those cost marks.

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