Optus Lifts Restrictions On Mobile Data Pooling

Optus Lifts Restrictions On Mobile Data Pooling

At Lifehacker, we’ve delved into data sharing plans in the past as it is something telcos are increasingly getting involved with. Previously, Optus only allowed customers to share data across its mobile MyPlan service so pure mobile data plan users were deprived of this privilege. But the telco is now allowing users to share data across tablets, dongles and mobile phones on its Data Pool feature.

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Data Pool is a nice feature for families, businesses or individuals that run multiple devices so if one service goes over the data allowance it can then borrow from the data limits of other devices that are part of the pool. Going over your data allowance can be a costly affair so Optus’ Data Pool can help you avoid that.

The telco has introduced a new $10 My Mobile Broadband Plus plan with 1.5GB for users who need that little extra boost in their data allowance to share with other devices. Optus has also ramped up its $60 My Mobile Broadband Plus Plan which has a 12GB data limit.

Is data sharing across your family or business something you’re already doing? Let us know in the comments.

[Via Optus]