Music Site This Is My Jam Is Shutting Down, Going Read-Only In September

This Is My Jam is one of our favourite underrated music services, but the team announced this weekend they’re calling it quits. The site will switch to a read-only archive of music in September, which means it won’t be gone totally — just not the same as before.

For those unfamiliar, This Is My Jam is a service that lets you post one track at a time, a song you really love, that’s your “Jam,” that’s active for a week. You can follow other people and listen to their jams, and vice versa. Doing so inevitably gives you a super eclectic playlist of music that everyone you follow loves, right at that moment.…

The site was fairly popular, but in a blog post over the weekend, the site’s founders pointed to ever-changing APIs and code updates required to work seamlessly with the sites TIMJ supported (YouTube, Soundcloud, and Vimeo to name a few), the level of effort (and expense) required to go mobile as the site is currently web-only, and the fact that TIMJ was a passion project — not a business.

In September, the site will turn into a read-only archive, meaning you’ll be able to see Jams that other people have posted, all the way back to the beginning of the site, you’ll be able to play them (as long as they work), and you’ll be able to export your own (and other) Jams as Spotify playlists and such. You can, if you prefer, delete your account and opt out of the archive, taking all of your data with you. It’s a sad end to one of my personal favourite music discovery sites, but once you read their goodbye note, you’ll understand why. Check it out at the link below.

Jam Preserves [The Jam Journal]


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