Mozilla Launches Firefox For Windows 10 and Add-On Certification Program

Mozilla Launches Firefox For Windows 10 and Add-On Certification Program
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After whinging about Microsoft trying to force its Edge browser onto Windows 10 users, Mozilla has come out with a new Firefox for the new operating system. Here’s what you need to know about Firefox for Windows 10.

Last week, Mozilla came out with a scathing blog post criticising Microsoft automatically making Edge the default web browser on devices upgraded to Windows 10, regardless of a user’s existing browser preference. Mozilla claimed this move “strips users of choice”. Them’s fightin words.

The company isn’t taking it laying down and has launched Firefox for Windows 10. It features a new look with tweaks to the interface for a neater layout and gives you the ability to preserve your browser choice when using the search field on the Windows 10 taskbar for web search. This means search results will be shown in Firefox rather than defaulting over to Bing.

Add-ons are also becoming more secure. Mozilla has announced a certification process for add-ons based on guidelines it has released to developers. Warnings are already being displayed with uncertified add-ons but they will not be automatically disabled.

“These warnings will inform you about add-ons that have not been certified by Mozilla and we’re working with add-on developers to help them meet our standards and make add-ons safer for you,” Mozilla said in a blog post.

[Via The Mozilla Blog]


  • I love Firefox, been using it since it was released, but I do wish they’d leave my personalised settings alone when they do an update! Mozbackup helps, but even that can be an issue with these more major updates.

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