Mod Your Hammer Into A Combination Screwdriver, Ruler And Bottle Opener

Hammers are one of the more versatile tools, but they sure do waste space, don't they? An enterprising Instructables user decided to make his hammer work harder by adding a screwdriver, ruler, magnet and even a bottle opener to it. If you've got the time, you can whip a similar one up.

Photos by M3G

User M3G has a step-by-step guide up on Instructables explaining the build process. It's actually a straight-forward design, requiring only basic tools such as a saw, drill and tape measure. The most complex part (and that's saying a lot) is collecting all the pieces you need.

There's some flexibility in how you go about it — swapping the Philips head for a flat head, or adding some additional markings to the ruler — it's completely up to you.

Just don't forget you can still use it to put nails in things.

The Ultimate Hammer (Hammer + Screwdriver, Bottle Opener, Nail Holder, and Ruler) [Instructables, via MAKE]


    great idea! simply brilliant even .
    -ta for sharing :)

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