Microsoft's Sway Digital Storytelling App Looks Great For Presentations

Powerpoint is dead, guys. Microsoft has a newer, cooler, slicker presentation app in Sway, a superpowered Web-enabled cloud-syncing social-friendly Windows 10 and Office 365 app.

After 10 months in preview and testing mode, Sway has finally matured into a proper app; the idea is that it makes it easy to pull together a bunch of different kinds of content — music, screenshots, snaps from your laptop’s camera, YouTube videos, GIFs, Vines, files from OneDrive — and turn it all into a cohesive and understandable and pretty presentation.

The big thing about Sway — and this is something that might have bugged you if you’ve used Powerpoint or Keynote in the past — is that it’s scalable and responsive across phones, tablets, PCs and even the massive Surface Hub. PCs and tablets are covered by the initial release, but there’s a Windows 10 Mobile app coming soon. Here’s a presentation on how awesome Sway is, built in Sway. You can also embed Sway into webpages:

Sway is now out for Windows 10, in the App Store. It’s a free app, and your Microsoft account will let you install it on up to 10 machines simultaneously. [Microsoft]

This article originally appeared on Gizmodo Australia.


    Beware web-based presentation tools with no local backup A student recently lost serious marks on a scheduled presentation because he couldn't access Prezi during a system outage.

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