Microsoft Adds Row-Level Security For SQL Database To Give More Control To Developers

After a preview period, Microsoft has made row-level security (RLS) generally available, providing more control and reducing the risk of errors in a developer's application code. Here's more on how this new feature can benefit you in your app development process.

RLS allows you to store data for many users in a single database and table but gives you enough control to restrict row-level access through policy-based management. This means users can give access to different rows based on a user's identity, role or execution context.

This new feature can assists in the development of secure applications for different scenarios including restricting access to financial data and ensuring that tenants of a multi-tenant application can only access their own rows of data. All this leads to improved code quality in SQL databases.

You can find out more about RLS for SQL over at Microsoft's Developer Network page.

[Via Microsfot Azure Blog]


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