Make Your Own Protein Powder To Save Money


Regular buyers of protein supplements, rejoice! Those big jars can be pretty pricey at your local supermarket or supplement store, so here’s a more affordable way to recreate the convenience of protein powders at home.

Image by T. Fernandes.

Protein powder supplements in general can make your wallet pretty darn sad, no doubt. They vary in pricing, too, as you dive deeper into different types of protein powder (e.g. whey, casein, soy, hemp). Still, you shouldn’t skimp on protein, especially if you’re physically active, and intending to maintain and build muscle.

Back to Her Roots provides a DIY plant-based protein powder recipe that uses just a few common ingredients — oats, brown rice and green lentils — and kitchen equipment (mainly a coffee grinder) to make yourself a tasty batch. You could even create your own flavours, like vanilla, coffee and chocolate, to name a few.

Anyone who needs an affordable way to boost their protein intake can benefit from this recipe, and since it emphasises non-animal sources, it is particularly vegetarian and vegan-friendly. The only drawback from home-made powder? The protein content may not be as high (especially when compared to whey) as that you’d find in the store-bought variety.

Fret not, head to the blog and learn how you can play around with the ratios of ingredients to potentially increase the protein content.

Homemade Plant Protein Powder [Back to Her Roots]


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