Keep From Over-Packing Clothes By Sticking To A Single Colour Palette

Keep from Over-Packing Clothes by Sticking to a Single Colour Palette

When you're trying to travel light, packing clothes that go well with everything else you pack can save you a ton of space.

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Sticking to a carry-on for your trips is completely doable, and it allows you a certain kind of freedom you cant achieve with bulky luggage. Sophie-Claire Hoeller at Business Insider suggests you can keep your clothes at a minimum by sticking to one main colour:

Pack one colour palette, and ideally a dark one. Not only do you not have to worry about matching, dark colours will hide stains better.

Darker colours also hide sweat really well, and that's definitely a possibility when you're travelling. Go with dark blues, browns, or just go for the grey scale of white, grey and black. No matter what's clean and what's dirty, you'll be able to put together a solid outfit, and the little stains and wear of travel won't be so visible.

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