How Do You Streamline Your Supermarket Shopping?

How Do You Streamline Your Supermarket Shopping?
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Supermarket shopping isn’t a particularly enjoyable experience, but it has to get done. What tips and tricks do you have for making your regular shopping trip quick and easy?

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I always want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. One thing I do to ensure this happens is write my list according to the store’s layout. This way, I can pick stuff up as I navigate through each section of the store, and I’m not stopping to scan my list constantly. How do you streamline your supermarket shopping?


  • Do it online!
    I haven’t stepped foot inside a Coles or Woolworths in a couple of years. I have my shopping delivered every second Wednesday (delivery is free on Wednesday).
    It stops you from impulse buying items; makes it impossible to lose track of your total and over-spend; and they’ll even deliver alcohol!

  • I work using my knowledge of the store layout PLUS my partner and I use a shared Evernote list — they work from the bottom and I work from the top. We meet in the middle of the store having sometimes picked up a few overlapping items. I hate the crowds so I don’t want to spend more time than is necessary in there.

    • If you use a proper shoppinglist app, it syncs more easily, so you will probably find fewer double ups, and some even order items by sore location (im a tight ass so i only use a free one our groceries which doesn’t order the them and getting my wife to use a different app is an exercise in futility).

  • Use the same supermarket every time.

    This isn’t for brand loyalty, but after a while you’ll learn where things you regularly buy are … to the point of knowing which aisle/section/shelf.

    It’s rare that significant changes occur. So even if a product is up/down graded in location/prominence in its section, it’s unlikely to have moved far.

  • I usually shop at Aldi, the store is smaller so I spend less time going from isle to isle and less time starring at the 20 different types of Mayonnaise deciding on which one to get.

    Take me less time… and it’s usually cheaper

  • I agree..
    Use the same supermarket all the time.
    Start at the same aisle everytime.
    Check the catalog.
    Have the same routine…
    Me: cat food tins, dry food, milk, yoghurt, cheese, frozen stuff, mixers, coffee… bread,fruit n veg last…heavy stuff on the bottom, perishables and squishy stuff on top in trolley.
    My local Coles store annoys me, so from time to time I will do my big shop at a different Coles.
    Big mistake.
    Not all Coles are made equal.
    Some have this weird backwards layout, others seem like a store with two halves, some are so sparkly and new that im sure it makes you spend more, others are so huge, it takes twice as long just in walking, some are so understocked its like a IGA, some are so old…its like being in Mad Men.
    I also check the Woolies catalog, sometimes there are bargains to be had.
    And I only go to the weirdest Woolworths ever… for their specials.
    Woolworths Harbortown Adelaide
    Huge, overstocked, lots of crazy clearance fresh meat specials, lots of half price stuff, enormous floorspace, loads of staff, even open staffed checkouts….. but no customers…. no one…i mean …no one. .seriously just a few elderly socks-with-sandles german tourists from the local caravan park.
    Aldi is opening here in Adelaide very soon…and Im curious
    Ive been investigating their specials and private labels.
    Im very happy about their attitude to local suppliers and Made in Australia goods.
    It will interesting to see how the presence of Aldi might affect my weekly shop.

    Coles Plympton – my local, friendly staff, smallish store( used to be a bi-lo) range okay when they remember to actualky put the stock on the shelves, carpark terrible .
    Coles Grote St…. the absolute worst.. cramped, confusing, terrible layout, chaotic checkouts
    Coles Findon… backwards layout
    Coles Unley…upmarket suburb, weird staff, badly stocked ,no range
    Coles St Clair…. so shiny , so new, wide aisles , lovely muzak, friendly smiling staff… i spent so much there…. its like Stepford Coles.
    Coles Pt Adelaide…. quite depressing, very lower socio-economic customers ….quite expensive, used to be a Super K…. the flimsy old dividing wall is still there.

    So make a list
    Same supermarket everytime
    Check the catalogs
    Same routine
    And eat somthing before you go.

    ( why do people eat things out of the trolley while shopping? ….. some eat and pay, some eat and hide the wrapper amongst items in the cleaning aisle and dont pay ( you know who you are) others dont realise they are out in public.)

    ok im done.

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