How Do You ‘Laugh’ Online?

How Do You ‘Laugh’ Online?

Back in the primitive days of MSN Messenger and ICQ, typing “LOL” was the most popular way to convey online mirth. However, according to new user data released by Facebook, the acronym has since fallen from favour. It seems most internet users have reverted to the more phonetically sensible “Haha” with chuckling emoji also gaining traction. We’re curious to hear what your preferred laughter signifier is?

In a bid to determine how its users “laugh” online, Facebook analysed posts and comments written in English during the last week of May. The old staple “Haha” proved to be the clear winner, amassing 51 per cent of all uses. Emoji took second place with 33 per cent. “Hehe” was third with 13 per cent of the total. “LOL”, meanwhile, managed a paltry 2 per cent.

“Age [and] gender play a role in laughter type and length,” Facebook explained in a blog post. “Young people and women prefer emoji, whereas men prefer longer hehes.

It’s worth noting that the results were based on Facebook posts and comments — not instant messages, which is where “lol” is arguably more typical. Personally, I still use “lol” frequently in online chat, usually as a visible acknowledgement of a joke (even if I didn’t actually laugh out loud).

How do you usually convey laughter online? Cast your vote in the poll below!

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The Not-So-Universal Language of Laughter [Via Businesses Insider]


  • When I actually laugh I usually add an extra “ha” on top of “haha” otherwise “haha” is just a general sentence finisher

  • Entirely depends on the context, to me they all mean different things. Generally, “haha” (extended as needed) is the go-to for most laughter. “Hehe” might be more for a giggle, or cheeky laughter. “Heh” for more of a snort or half eyeroll. I was never a fan of “lol” back in the day, but use it more these days. Never with caps though, and probably used more in a sarcastic or ironic sense I guess.

    Edit: Moderation? Weird :/

  • For my daily use it’s “hehee”, sometimes a single “ha!” if the situation warrants it. Other people do “hehe” or “he he” very few I know do “Haha”.

    Internationally I see Germans do “hihi”, Japanese “はははは”, French do “mdr” while Brazilians are “jeje”.

    lol and lawl have taken on other meanings.

  • I have always refused (and always will) to use LOL. Never used it in it’s written from to express laughter. Never used it as a spoken term – either as a word “Lol” or acronym “L-O-L”.

    (And there’s a part of me that’s not all that deep down that wants to punch people who verbalise it instead of laughing.)

    I’m OK with LMAO or variations of it or emoticons but LOL bugs me.

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