Grill Perfectly Tender, Flavorful Steak By Scoring It Beforehand

Grill Perfectly Tender, Flavorful Steak By Scoring It Beforehand
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There are a lot of interesting ways to cook up the perfect steak, but this might be one of the easiest. All it takes is a few more seconds of prep time. As an added bonus, it’s especially effective for cheaper cuts of meat.

Some steak cuts end up tender and juicy no matter what, but Sherry Rujikarn at Good Housekeeping has a great trick to make even the cheaper cuts taste heavenly: scoring the meat. Take a sharp knife and make shallow cuts across the grain one way, then make a perpendicular set of cuts the other way.

You only need to cut about three millimetres deep, so don’t go too far. Then season your steak normally and toss it on the grill. Your steak will cook more evenly, and those cuts will be filled with seasoning (and char up nicely). This is particularly effective on cheaper cuts like flank steak. Learn more at the link below.

The Best Steak Grilling Trick You Haven’t Heard Of [Good Housekeeping via Man Made]


  • I more or less always get Scotch Fillet at home but I don’t ever do any “tricks”…. salt and pepper on one side, in the pan/on the grill, flip once, eat.

    • Same here, but I’ve moved away from the “flip once” to the “flip every 30 seconds or so”. It seems to work better for me.

  • I’ve been watching the ‘Science and Cooking’ course on and one thing method they suggested is to use a “Jaccard Tenderizer” to cut up the meat. I guess it’s the same principle as this article except heaps of small cuts.

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