Freeze Individual Bacon Strips In Rolled Coils For Easier Access

Freeze Individual Bacon Strips Into Coils for Easier Access

Sometimes you just want a couple strips of bacon, but you don't want to defrost the whole package to get to them. Bacon coils is the answer.

This has probably happened to you before: you buy a package of bacon for weekend breakfast, decide to freeze the rest, and stick the whole package into the freezer for later. The next time you want bacon, however, you have to defrost the whole thing just to cook up a couple strips.

Over at The Kitchn, commenter Dr Deb suggests you freeze the individual strips as rolled up coils, and toss them into a freezer bag instead. Now you can grab however many strips you want to defrost and save the rest for later without any hassle. If you have some wax paper around, you can freeze them individually that way as well.

A Better Way to Freeze Bacon [The Kitchn]


    Another tip - Get a vacuum sealer for less chance of frost bite / freezer burn as well.

    The problem is that they freeze in the curl. When you put them in the pan they slowly defrost and uncurl and one end is cooked way more than the other.

    It might work for those little bacon bits you get in America like in the image above but not when you buy proper rashers.

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