Focus Is A Slick, Tag-Based Gallery App With Built-In Snoop Protection

Android: Gallery apps are typically a dime a dozen. There are only so many ways to display a bunch of pictures, right? Focus manages to actually give other apps a run for its money. It offers tag-based organisation, intuitive sorting, and even a built-in snoop protection feature.

By default, the app organises your pictures into the typical folders, but within each folder, the pictures are arranged by date, which makes browsing slightly easier. You can also add tags to pictures to help organise them. The free version supports a few basic tags, but you can pay for the premium version to customise the tags. Focus also has a no-snoop mode. Once enabled, you can set a 4-6 digit PIN that users must enter before they can swipe between pictures. This can help make sure a nosy friend doesn’t discover your sensitive pictures.

Focus [Google Play Store]

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