Check If Your Data Was Leaked In The Ashley Madison Hack

Check If Your Data Was Leaked In The Ashley Madison Hack

If you’re concerned that your data, or the data of someone you know, was leaked in the recent Ashley Madison hack, this tool can let you know.

The hack on the affair-assisting site supposedly affected around 37 million accounts, and that means a lot of people are wondering if their data was leaked, or if their significant other’s name is on the list. Private investigation service Trustify is making it easier to check with a page dedicated to scanning the released files for any email address. Just enter an email and click Find Out Now to see if that email was part of the data dump. Depending on the type of account attached to the address, it could contain anything from sexual preferences to the last four digits of a credit card number (if it was a paid account).

Trustify’s privacy policy says they won’t share your info without consent, but if you’re sceptical about giving out your email address, you could try searching the Ashley Madison data yourself — but it’s hard to come by, and there are a lot of fakes out there. Another service, Have I Been Pwned, will also let you search for email addresses in the leak, but they will only let you know if you’ve verified your email address and subscribed to Have I Been Pwned’s email notifications (a precaution used to ensure people don’t search for someone else’s email address).

It should be noted that finding someone’s email address or name on the list doesn’t necessarily mean that person was a real user. As computer security blogger Graham Cluley explains, Ashley Madison did not verify email addresses for new accounts:

…I could have created an account at Ashley Madison with the address of [email protected], but it wouldn’t have meant that Obama was a user of the site… Journalists and commentators would be wise to remember that the credentials stored by Ashley Madison must be considered suspect because of their shonky practices, even before you start considering whether any leaked databases are falsified or not.

Also, if you’re planning to search the emails of your friends or significant others, really think about whether that’s something you want to find out or not.

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Check If You’ve Been Exposed On Ashley Madison [Trustify via Wired]


  • Just a friendly reminder: If you’re concerned that your data was leaked… you’re probably craven scum whose anxiety about your potential exposure for what you are is only a fraction of the karmic payback you deserve. Have a miserable day! 🙂

    • What if you found out a close relative of yours is on there? A brother, sister, father, mother etc. Are they still
      “craven scum whose anxiety about your potential exposure for what you are is only a fraction of the karmic payback you deserve”

      • Yup. I would be asking that friend/family what the hell is wrong with them to make them act like craven scum.

        Not happy in your marriage? Break it off, don’t cheat. Done with partner’s consent? Well hooray, 1) that doesn’t count as cheating, does it? and 2) you’re one of the few who don’t fit under the ‘probably’ qualifier.

        Seriously, cheating is the sole behavioural province of shit-heels, even if they’re shit-heels you care about.

        Anyone who used that site should feel bad about themselves and deserves to lose some respect in the eyes of their friends and family.

        • Would you tell them this:
          “craven scum whose anxiety about your potential exposure for what you are is only a fraction of the karmic payback you deserve”
          to their face?

    • Also remember the problem with Ashley Madison is you can sign up with ANY email address, since they don’t do email verification, so anyone can sign up with your email address if they know it and won’t need to verify it or anything, and you will be none-the-wiser, since you can even disable their email newsletters, so the person may never even know.

      Linus Sebastian from LinusTechTips addressed this on his tech news show the other day (The WAN Show), so really 37 million cheaters, not really. There will be a lot of innocent parties caught up in this, and imo that’s really unfair on those people.

      Also I saw the data from the leak about what peoples accounts said about them a surprising number of blokes accounts stated they were single & looking for someone who was also single. Not the kind of image you get from a site that advertises itself on TV that cheating is harmless & you should be doing it.

  • It’s really hard to have any sympathy for people who’ve had their data leaked from Ashley Madison. For all the Politicians wanting to protect the sanctity of marriage I say this site is a bigger threat then every Gay Person getting Married tomorrow.

    By Politicians I mean pretty much just Tony Abbot trying to end his political career.

  • “Trustify’s privacy policy says they won’t share your info without consent”

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and speculate that Ashley Madison’s policy said something similar.

    • They’re apparently spamming emails which have shown up in there after someone entered them into the checker. So yeah..

  • Privacy is privacy, shouldn’t be allowed to be “leaked” despite the motivation behind it.

    Plus, you realise there are singles on that site too. Does their privacy go out the window?

  • Yes, if you are an AM member I hope you are crapping yourself.

    I wouldn’t cheat on my Husband for many reasons,including he is an outstanding human being. We both feel we have a special relationship but if he wanted to end it because he fell out of love,I would be devastated. Ultimately I feel I would come to terms with it. If he cheated I would not and never forgive him.

    Cheating also means being a liar, manipulator, sneak and narcissistic. All of which are terrible traits to have.

    I’ve just heard about a woman allegedly cheating while the oh is away earning a wage to pay the bills. What kick in the guts that is. What the hell is wrong with people’s moral compass?!

    • Genuine question. How would you feel if someone close to you (brother, father, sister etc) was ‘leaked’ from all this?

  • I wasn’t surprised to find my ex-wife’s email address had been compromised, after all I left her because of several affairs. Used her proper email address too. Face palm.

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