Build Modern End Tables With Plywood And Veneer For A High Design Look

Simple and modern end tables add a touch of high design to any room. You can build these end tables that replicate a zebrawood finish with 3/4 plywood and veneer.

You can spend very little for modern furniture (from a big box retailer) that look great but only last a couple of years, or you can spend a lot for a nice piece that won't leave much room in your budget for anything else.

Of course, there's a third option, too: Build it yourself.

These end tables cost about $270 in materials and can be built in a weekend. A table saw and router make the job go much faster. Using veneer saves you from working with real zebrawood, which is prone to tear outs. The cut list can be found at the link below.

When complete, these tables will last years and you'll have the satisfaction of having built something yourself.

How to Build Modern End Tables - Design Plans [Jon Peters Art & Home]


    They kind of look like speaker cabinets from the 70s

    Sorry Tim but this is the worst woodworking post yet.

    This is just a very expensively veneered, and not terribly well constructed, box. Wasn't surprised to see the video was sponsored by a veneer store.

    You can build much better furniture (both looks and quality) for the same money or less.

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