Build An Insanely Loud Alarm To Get Yourself Out Of Bed No Matter What

Are you the type of person who really hates waking up and can sleep through any alarm? TechBuilder shows you how to build an alarm clock that uses a car horn to wake you up every day.

The project rewires an old alarm cock through a car horn for an intensely loud alarm that will certainly wake up even the soundest sleeper. You’ll need basic soldering skills to build it, but it’s not terribly hard all things considered.

Build the Horniest Alarm Clock [YouTube]


  • 100 decibels at arms length, most likely pointed at your head will deafen you, at at the minimum cause damage to your inner ear which could lead to the inability to stand up for the rest of your life.

    If you want to wake up set 2 or three alarms. One at your bed, one at the bedroom door and one outside the bedroom door.

    The problem isn’t the volume, it’s that you hit snooze and forget you heard it. By putting a second alarm out of reach you are forced to leave bed. Add a third if you are a super-lazy ass.

  • I think they should skip these middling steps and just start building a catapult into the bed base. Less hassle, and with good aerodynamics, you might even land at the breakfast table with a coffee waiting.

    • I think I saw that in Wallace & Grommit. A Rube Goldberg machine that meant I was waking up already fully dressed at the breakfast table, with a cup of coffee and toast in front of me would be a worthwhile investment imo.

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