Wordpress Updates To 4.2.3 To Fix Security Holes

The latest update to Wordpress is all about plugging those pesky security holes.

The folks over at Wordpress note that it's a security release and that "we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately"

Which, if you're a little slow this morning, means that if you're running self-hosted Wordpress somewhere, you really ought to upgrade your site or sites as soon as possible, if not faster.

One of the key bugs squished in this version relates to a problem where user accounts with the simpler Contributor or Author status could be used to fully compromise a site. It also stops users with subscriber permissions being able to create drafts through the quick draft dialog, as well as squishing 20 bugs present in Wordpress 4.2.

As always, you can update from within your Wordpress installation, or via the download page. https://wordpress.org/download/

WordPress 4.2.3 Security and Maintenance Release [Wordpress]


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