WifiMapper Launches On Android With Some Exclusive New Features

WifiMapper Launches On Android With Some Exclusive New Features

WifiMapper, the iOS app that helps you find free Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, has launched in the Google Play Store. And it includes some useful Android-only features.

WifiMapper shows you the location of Wi-Fi hotspots, lets you know if there’s a time limit and if you need to register to use it, gives details on connection speeds, and even lists whether the connection is a secured network or not. Starting today, Android users can jump in and find free Wi-Fi and help curate the information regarding those locations. Additionally, Android users can connect to hotspots directly from within the app and view a history of the hotspots you’ve connected to. Android users can also view stats regarding how much data you’ve used and total connected time while on certain networks.

To edit, classify and comment on hotspots, you have to sign in via a Facebook account (something a lot of people don’t care for), but CEO Brendan Gill told TechCrunch that an email sign-in option should be available soon. You can download WifiMapper for free in the Google Play Store at the link below.

WifiMapper – Free Wifi Map [Google Play Store]


    • My thoughts exactly. No-one cares for public hotspots anymore. Back in the day of the first iPhone when companies still offered 500mb a month, then yes, but these days everyone has at least 2GB which is plenty considering you’re usually on wifi at home / work / uni.

      • I used free wifi when I travelled overseas. Saved me a small fortune in mobile phone charges.

        • You can usually get a local sim for pretty cheap. I find it’s worth it to have the data when needed, and it’s integral if you want to ingress!

          • Pain in the ass when you’re going to 10 different countries though. I had my Vodafone red plan with the $5 daily roaming. So if I really needed internet and couldnt get free wifi I could stump up the $5 for phone use for that day. Only used Voda about once a week over the 10 week trip.

          • If that was Europe (hitting 10 countries sure sounds like it) they are meant to be getting EU wide roaming laws which would be pretty awesome. I don’t think they are there quite yet, but it will be awesome once it’s enacted.

          • Sure was Europe. EU roaming would truly be ace! I’d imagine it would end up being cheaper than the Voda setup currently so I’d be on board with that. I’m not one to use my phone a lot while travelling but it’s handy for many things. With that said I pre-downloaded Nokia Here maps for all countries and offline Google Translator so still didnt need data connection to check a map or work out what a sign or something said.

  • It’s sometimes useful when traveling overseas, if you either don’t have a local data account (yet) or if you’re not going to be there long enough to make it worthwhile.

  • This is pointless because I personally don’t need or want to use it – this comment section.

    Never read the comments

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