Video Briefly: Daily Show Finale, SpaceX Explosion, Fight Club 4 Kids

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: SpaceX rocket explodes in mid-air, watch every episode of The Daily Show live in Australia, scariest horror movies.

  • Gizmodo has compiled a list of the scariest, goriest and grittiest horror flicks currently available on Netflix. Click here to see the list, complete with trailers.
  • The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is about to get its final commercial release. Here are the games that are worth buying.
  • The world around you is a rainbow, if only you stop and notice it. This video is a charming celebration of colour in our everyday lives — and a bewilderingly pleasant way to spend two minutes.
  • Japan recently celebrated its first robot wedding. Of course it did. Here is the video.
  • On the surface, Splatoon is a bright, happy video game from Ninteno. However, if you happen to linger too long on boss levels, you'll discover some seriously creepy moments. Check out the video here.
  • It's Jon Stewart’s final month as the host of The Daily Show, and there are big celebrations going on — some of which Aussies can enjoy. Comedy Central has unblocked its massive, month-long Daily Show streaming marathon website for us to watch.
  • Once again, SpaceX has audaciously attempted to land a rocket in the middle of the ocean, and once again, something went horribly wrong. Watch the video here.
  • Because it's Friday, watch author Chuck Palahniuk read Fight Club 4 Kids. Bless.
  • Computer scientist Chris Gregg of Tufts University decided he wanted to turn his vintage, 1960s Smith Corona electric typewriter into a printer. Here are the results.


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