Turn A Cheap Supermarket Cake Into A Moreish Malteser Dessert

Baking a delicious, fancy cake is beyond the skills of most mortals. It’s also incredibly time consuming. Here’s a simple method for creating a delectable looking dessert in under ten minutes.

To make your Malteser dessert, all you need is a box of the aforementioned chocolates and a cheap chocolate log cake from the supermarket:

This should work out to a grand total of around $8. Now comes the slightly fiddly part: grab a knife and chopping board and slice the Maltesers in half. Be careful while slicing — those chocolate balls have a tendency to fly all over the shop.

Why cut them, you ask? The reason for this is threefold: it stops the Maltesers from rolling off the cake, it’s easier to eat and the aesthetics are a teensy bit fancier. Next up, simply assemble the halved Maltesers on top of the log cake and gently push down on them, like so:

The chocolate icing should help to keep them in place. (You can also put your creation in the fridge for a few hours to help everything set.)

Once you’re done, you should have something that looks a bit like this:

Okay, so this cake won’t be mistaken for a Nigella Lawson creation, but it’s significantly more impressive than the plain chocolate cake you started out with. I can also confirm that it tastes delicious to a level that’s almost sinful. (Thanks to Genevieve Rota for the tip!)

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