Top 10 Kid’s Flicks To Watch On Netflix This School Holidays

Top 10 Kid’s Flicks To Watch On Netflix This School Holidays

With the school holidays in full swing, Netflix can save your sanity — or at least keep the rugrats happy for a while. Here’s our pick of the top kids films on Netflix Australia.

The Adventures Of Tintin

The Adventures Of Tintin is a remarkably faithful adaptation of Herge’s classic comic series, brought to the big screen with a lot of love and just the right casting to boot. Best suited for older children, especially considering its runtime and sometimes slow pace. Still, this is a great flick, and I’m personally cranky that there’s unlikely to be a sequel. Watch it now on Netflix.


Frozen is a film that’s probably driven you mad already. As a parent you’re probably sick of that song. Or that other song. But there’s little denying that in doing something different with fantasy tropes, and delivering a strong and interesting cast that defies what you might expect, Disney delivered a genuinely charming film. Watch it now on Netflix.


Shrek provides a case of diminishing returns with the expanded tale of an ogre that seemingly nobody could love, but the first film in the trilogy is still remarkably well done stuff, even if its once revolutionary CGI effects are a little dated. On the plus side, it’s now old enough that your kids might not have watched it already. Watch it now on Netflix.

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is the movie that can inspire a thousand quotes, from the murdering of fathers, to kissing books, to being mostly dead and even rodents of unusual size. Frankly, choosing not to watch The Princess Bride? Inconceivable. Watch it now on Netflix.

Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets Most Wanted is the second modern-era outing for Jim Henson’s classic characters, now owned by Disney. It eschews the strong nostalgic tone of the first “new” film in favour of a classic Muppets heist flick, and, of course, wacky musical numbers. Watch it now on Netflix.


Jumanji provides an antidote for When the kids bore of the traditional holiday games of Monopoly. Why not treat them to a Robin Williams classic that features a boardgame of a distinctly more dangerous type? Watch it now on Netflix.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet has penguins. It’s got rhythm. It’s Australian made. Finally, if you want to really blow your mind, it’s from the same director as Mad Max: Fury Road. Watch it now on Netflix.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone takes J.K Rowling’s popular book series and turns it into an even more popular (and lucrative) film series. Go back to where it all started, and be astounded at how young the cast all looked acting opposite some of the cream of the crop of British acting royalty. Watch it now on Netflix.

Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc apparently had a sequel… erm… prequel. Can we just pretend the prequel never happened? We can? Awesome. Pixar’s monster-centric film has plenty of laughs, a lot of heart and just a few very small scares to deal with, making it a film that even the slightly older kids will watch without too much complaining.Watch it now on Netflix.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory provides Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s take on Roald Dahl’s classic book. It makes for an interesting, and sometimes challenging film for kids, and a fascinating counterpoint to the older Gene Wilder version. If nothing else, it might sate your children’s appetite for chocolate (for a while) . Watch it now on Netflix.

Is your favourite kids’ flick missing from our list? Is it available on Netflix? If so, share your recommendations in the comments.


  • So I watched Frozen the other day on Netflix with my kid. I don’t get why it’s this massive thing. Is it just because they spent heaps of money marketing it?

    • Well if you didn’t feel like you wanted to be a snow man then you should just let it go.
      It is the first time in forever that you find that love is an open door and that love can’t be denied, after all, you’re you and we know that life’s too short to have a frozen heart, even in summer. So it should have made today a perfect day for you.
      Obviously not…

    • Wife tun’t off the cricket to put Frozen on for the little one. 9 month old totally cracked it, put the cricket back on, 9 month old super happy…and one very proud dad.

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