Time To Call Your Local Pizza Joint For SysAdmin Day

Yes folks, it's that time of the year again where we gather to appreciate the hard work of our system administrators. July 31 marks the 16th annual SysAdmin Day. Your system administrator and his team have been diligently ensuring that the tech in your company runs smoothly all year so what better way to say "thank you" than with a big order of scrumptious pizza?

Pizza picture from Shutterstock

This is something we've been passionate about in the past and we're eager to continue the tradition of raising awareness for this glorious occasion. To all you system administrators out there: eat up, leave work on time and have a great day!

Does your business celebrate SysAdmin Day? Let us know what the company did — if anything — to show its gratitude.


    Might want to fix the date in your article? It's the 31st, not the 30th.

      Woops. My bad. All fixed now!

        Thanks, I was kind of worried I missed it when i read your article.

        Glad to know it's today!

    Ordering pizza for lunch for my Sys Admin (and the helpdesk team, seeing as we've got an order going in anyway). Also sent an email showing appreciation to all the sys admins at partner companies that help support us.

      i wish there more understanding people like you at my workplace.

    We celebrated by having a lunch for the latest 3 IT staff to be made redundant. \o/

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