How Nightmares Work (And Why They’re Good For Us)

No one enjoys being terrorised by nightmares or bad dreams, but scientists assure us they’re actually a key to mental well-being.

New York Magazine’s video above explains that our brains turn our fears into hellish stories that we then think of as memories. Because it feels like we’ve actually experienced these “memories,” however, they seem like they’re in the past and we can better distance ourselves from our vague anxieties and fears.

So unless you see Freddy Krueger in your dreams, don’t fear a night of bad dreams.

The Good Side of Bad Dreams: “The Science of Us” Episode 2 [YouTube via The Blaze]


  • Bloody hell, how are traumatic memories of something in the past good for mental health? I am MUCH better off without my brain mercilessly and cruelly cultivating and curating an intimate collection of my darkest insecurities and terrors to torture me with for hours on end, then tricking me into treating it as something that actually happened!

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