This Infographic Shows The Best Off-Season Months For 32 Travel Spots

This Infographic Shows the Best Off-Season Months for 32 Travel Spots

If you want to save money on travel, or perhaps just beat the crowds, it's smart to visit a destination during its off-season. This infographic shows the best time to visit 32 popular destinations.

Marriott's graphic shows the best places to visit during each month of the year, offering 2-3 destinations per month. It's based on a handful of articles from sources including The New York Times and Travel and Leisure, so there's no set methodology here. It's mostly based on season and weather. They source the articles in the graphic and offer a few insights:

Early Spring is a great time to hit the slopes, because the snow is still great in the higher altitudes, but people aren't around. Tropical beaches are cheapest in the summer not only because so many beaches are open closer to home, but also because of hurricane season.

The lion's share of destinations are based in the US which is a shame. Nevertheless, it can still start you in the right direction if you're looking to plan an overseas holiday for a specific month. (Accompanied with thorough research before booking your trip, of course.) Check it out below.

Off-Season Travel Spots [Marriott]


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