This Graphic Shows The Effects Texting Has On Your Body

This Graphic Shows The Effects Texting Has On Your Body
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Texting too often can take a toll on your body. While it might seem like it’s not a big deal, the physical posture you take on when you’re staring at a tiny device in your hands can have serious negative health effects. This graphic shows what can happen.

We’ve known for a while that spending too much time assuming the texting position can cause health problems. While your mileage may vary, and this certainly isn’t exclusively limited to texting, the graphic below can show you a few potential problems, as well as how to combat them. Hover over each icon to expand more info and suggestions.

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Text [Huffington Post]


  • The “Average” is 50 sent/received per day?? I sent 4 and received 3 this WEEK. Someone out the must have the worlds worst case of RSI to get the average up that much…


    If the average is 50 per day, and there are approx 7 billion active mobiles in the world (as at mid 2014), then the graphic should read 127.75 trillion per annum..
    (one hundred twenty-seven trillion, seven hundred fifty billion)

  • I read books. People have been reading books for centuries.
    The points about poor posture leading to neck pain and bad breathing would be identical.
    When I was a student, I wrote with a pen for extended periods, with the “claw” effect mentioned.

    So the kicker is: is there anything new here? I kind of doubt it.

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