The Lunar Outpost Dual-Monitor Desktop

The Lunar Outpost Dual-Monitor Desktop

Lifehacker reader hehe13 submitted this good looking dual-monitor desktop to our Desktop Showcase a while back, and since we haven't done a dual-monitor setup in a while, it was about time. Here's what he used to set it up.

This is a Windows system, if you couldn't tell, and you can click the magnifying glass on the image above to see it in it's full, bigger glory. The left display is the primary one (it has most of the skins on it), but the whole thing flows well across both displays. Here's what you'll need to do this one yourself:

That's it: only two skins on top of Rainmeter this time, but to be fair, the whole thing only has a little going on anyway — and that's a good thing! The right desktop is free and completely open for anything, and the left desktop can be used for other things, or just as a second, unused screen for launching apps or monitoring chat or other programs. If you like the look or have questions about it, head over to hehe13's Kinja post (linked above) to sound off about it.


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