The DIY Home Improvement Projects With A Great Return On Investment

The DIY Home Improvement Projects with a Great Return on Investment

When investing in a home improvement project, many people hope to get at least most of that money back when it's time to sell the house. If you're able to DIY the top projects with the highest return on investment, you'll boost that ROI big time.

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HouseLogic took a look at the projects that already are known for getting you a good chunk of money back when you sell. They compared the costs of DIYing these projects to show how much more your ROI would be.

For example, replacing your entry door with a new steel one tends to have the best value, year after year. If you're able to install it properly yourself, it's even a better move:

The DIY Home Improvement Projects with a Great Return on Investment

You'd need to make sure you have the skills to do these projects, naturally, such as the deck addition or bathroom facelift, and sometimes it's best to leave projects to the pros. DIYing also trades your time and effort for money.

But with the return on investment possibly five times as much as hiring out, it might be worth brushing up on your home improvement skills.

Check out the post below for more DIY versus hire ROI comparisons.

Best Money-Saving DIY Projects (and Tips for Doing Them Right) [HouseLogic]


    this isn't a particularly useful article. It tells you very little in truth.
    1. There are certain changes that you can make that add more value to your house. Ignore those silly home improvement shows. The best way is to go to open inspections Of properties for sale - or view houses for sale on the Internet. You'll get a great idea of what the market is doing. While "pops of colour" is the buzzword of the day on Better Homes & Gardens, it won't add value to your house.
    2. Now that you know the renovation that gives you the best return (at least in your view), visit some hardware shops to speak to people about the tools and methods. Places like Bunnings even give free training. Just beware that some advice is dodgy (eg. Bunnings told me that a tile glue wouldn't shrink - but it did, so my tiles came out crooked).
    3. Start out small. Build confidence. Don't get too cocky, it's easy to stuff up.
    4. As Mealnie's picture says, "even a woman can do it". I had to put this obligatory quote in there because there's far too much political correctness these days. Melanie was making a statement, so I thought I'd spell out what she was hinting at.
    Interestingly, my wife is the tradie at our house. A very capable country woman.

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